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Abbado, Marcello
Abdel-Rahim, Gamal
Abe, Kōmei
Abel, Christian Ferdinand
Abel, Giovanni
Abel, Karl [Carl] Friedrich
Abelardo, Nicanor
Abeltshauser, ?
Abendroth, Walter
Aber, Johann
Abingdon, 4th Earl of [Lord]
Abrahamsen, Hans
Abramsky, Alexander
Absil, Jean
Achron, Joseph Yulyevich
Acht, Rob van
Acker, Dietter
Ackroyd, George
Adam, Adolphe
Adam, Johann (Jean)
Adamis, Michael
Adams, James Blake
Adaskin, Murray
Addington, Christopher
Addison & Lucas
Addison, John (i)
Addison, John (ii)
Adeney, Richard (Gilford)
Adjusting screws
Adler, Frederik Guillaume
Adler, Johannes
Adler, Oskar
Adler, R.O.
Adler, Samuel Hans
Adolfati, Andrea
Adone, Z.
Adorján, András
Aerts, Egidius
Aeschbacher, Niklaus
Agay, Denes
Agersnap, Harold
Agrell, Johan Joachim
Agrèves, Ernest d' (real name: Nieuwenhove,...
Agricola, Martin
Agstein, Felix
Ahlgrimm, Hans
Ahnell, Emil Gustave
Aigner, Engelbert
Aiker, Hugo
Aitken, Hugh
Aitken, Robert (Morris)
Akimenko, Theodor [Fyodor Yakimenko]
Akses, Necil Kazim
Alabiev, Alexander Alexandrovitch
Aladov, W.A.
Alain, Jehan (Ariste)
Alanko, Petri
Alard, (Jean-)Delphin
Alary, Jeqan Baptiste Marie Louis Georges
Albanian double fipple flute
Albeniz, Isaac (Manuel Francisco Isaac y Pascual
Albert, Eugene
Albert, K.
Albert, Prince Consort
Alberti, Giuseppe Matteo
Alberti, Nicholas
Albertsen, Per H.
Albin, Roger Louis Jacques
Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni (Zuane)
Albion Flute
Albisi & Vanotti
Albisi, Abelardo
Albrecht, ?
Albrecht, Georg von
Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg
Albright, William Hugh
Alcock, John (i)
Alcock, John (ii)
Alden, J.H.
Alderighi, Dante
Alemann, Eduardo Armando
Alessandro, Raffaele d'
Alexander, Josef
Alexandrov, Anatoly N.
Alexejev, M.
Alfven, Hugo (Emil)
Alison, Richard
Allen, Harold
Almeida, Edward
Alternate fingerings
Altès, Henri Josef
Alto flute
Altus flute company
Altus flutes
Aluminium flutes
Alvarez, Javier Fuentes
Alwyn, William (Smith) CBE
Amadio, John
American School
Amirov, Fikret Meshedi Jamil Oglu
Amlin, Martin
Amos, Keith
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
Ancillotti, Mario
Andersen, Karl Joachim
Anderson, Avril
Anderson, Ian (Scott)
Anderson, Julian
Angelini, Carlo Antonio
Angelo, Marco de Fumagalli
Angerer, Paul
Angot & Dubreuil
Anhalt, Istvan
Anna Amalia (Amalie), Princess of Prussia
Annand, W.
Anschütz, J.A.
Anson, Hugo Vernon
Antheil, George (Johann Carl)
Anthony, Jacob
Antonini, Giovanni
Antonini, Giovanni
Antoniou, Theodor
Antunes, Jorge
Anzalone, V.
Aoki, Akira
Apelberg, ?
Aperghis, Georges
ApIvor, Dennis Trevor
Apostel, Hans Erich
Apotheloz, Jean
Applebaum, Louis
Appunn, Georg August Ignatius
Arab Music
Arambarri, Jesus
Arantes, Alberto
Arban, ?Jen-Baptiste
Arbatzky, Yuri
Arbeau, Thoinot
Archer, Frederick
Archer, Violet
Ardévol, José
Arditi, Luigi
Arimani, Claudi i Barceló
Arlom, A.W.
Arma, Paul
Armsheimer, Ivan
Armstrong, W.T.Coy
Arne, Thomas Augustine (Dr)
Arnell, Richard (Anthony Sayer)
Arnold, Friedrich Wilhelm
Arnold, Jay
Arnold, Johann Gottfried
Arnold, Malcolm (Henry)
Arnold, Samuel
Arrieu, Claude
Arrigo, Girolama
Artead, Pierre Yves
Articulated G#
Artley, D. & J. Inc.
Arvin, Andrew
Aschenbrenner, Johann
Asgeirsson, Jon
Ashe, Andrew
Ashford, J.B.
Ashley, Josiah
Ashton, Algernon
Asioli, Bonifacio
Aspelmayer, Franz
Asriel, Andre
Assembling the flute
Aston, Algernon
Aston, Peter George
Astor & Co.
Astor & Horwood
Astor, George
Astor, John Jacob
Astorga, Jean Oliver Y
Asuar, José Vincente
Atkins, Reginald C.
Atlas, ?
Attaingnant, Pierre
Atterberg, Kurt (Magnus)
Attwood, Thomas
Atys, ?
Aubain, Jean Emmanuel
Aubert, Jacques ('le vieux')
Aubert, Louis (François Marie)
Aubery du Boulley, Prudent-Louis
Aubin, Tony
Auclert, Pierre
Audition recordings
Audran, Edmond
Auric, Georges
Austin, ?Larry/Ernest?
Austin, Ernest
Austin, Larry (Don)
Austral, Florence
Avidom, Menahem
Avni, Tzvi
Avshalomov, Jacob
Axman, Emil
Aylott, Lydia
Azpiazu, José de
Azzi, Antonio di
Azzi, Pietro de

General Editor Trevor Wye. Biographical Editor Sarah Bull.
Editorial Contributors and Compilers: Sarah Bull, Martin Hoffman, with Robert Scott and friends

Click here for Help on how to use FluteArk. To suggest alterations and amendments or errata to biographical data, please email Sarah Bull: sarah@hoffmanweb.info
For additions, flute facts and suggestions, please email Trevor Wye: tw@trevorwye.com
If in doubt, please email the General Editor: tw@trevorwye.com
Click here to see a list of abbreviations we use.


The project began around 1985 just for the pleasure of collecting flute information to pass on to others. It has taken many hours of work, particularly by Martin and Sarah, and we all feel that to make it available for general use would be better at this incomplete stage than waiting until it is ‘finished’. The Encyclopaedia is strong on repertoire but weak on biographies. It is nowhere near complete, but the information so far available will be found useful to many.

The format is such that we can update on a daily basis, so if you have information you wish included, please email it to the addresses above.

The basis for the present information is from:

[GEW] General Editor Wye
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[BT] The Flute, Phillip Bate.
[TFL] The Flute Book. Nancy Toff
[G5] Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.[5th Ed, 1940]
[MUSLAM] Music and Musical Instruments of The World of Islam
[HM] Wind Instruments of European Art Music.Horniman
[WNJ] A Word or Two On The Flute. James, W.N.
[INT] Internet sources

Books consulted but incompletely entered:

Abbreviation: Title:
[ABW] An Annotated Bibliography of Woodwind Instruction Books,1600-1830 Warner
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[CD]&[CDFL] Compact disc or other recording
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[AB] Woodwind Instruments and Their History, A. Baines.


Original policy:

We agreed not to include contemporary flute players and composers to avoid problems of selection, (those born after 1950) though we will change and update that soon.
Most of the entries contain lists of works but not more than a brief biography. This information will be added to as time passes, though more detailed biographical information is freely available elsewhere.

There are sure to be mistakes and we request that you send any errors to the relevant Editor. These will be dealt with quickly and as time goes by, it will increasingly provide a useful, and free source of flute information.

Our thanks also for the help given by Anne Rupert Wall and others, for their contribution of time and effort.

Trevor Wye, Sarah Bull and Martin Hoffman

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